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I've always enjoyed art and creating, when I was little my school teacher said 'I think one day you'll become an artist' whether she actually thought my scribbles were good or not- I don't know!

At the age of 12 I was gifted a watercolour set from a neighbour, I thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with this new medium. My teenage years flew right past me and I didn't make any time for art really! It wasn't until I hit a little rocky patch in my early 20's, I was feeling very anxious and my mood was so low. I decided to seek help and part of my therapy was to try and relax by doing art.

My first painting was a pair of foxes, I was so proud that I shared on my personal Facebook page, a friend asked if I'd paint one for her- that was that, my business was born!

Since then, my art career has snowballed, I never thought I'd reach a point where people all over the world were requesting me to paint their pets.

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