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Watercolour Classes

Fancy learning how to paint with watercolours? I hold monthly classes in Gateshead and Ponteland! 

All equipment is provided and you will be guided through every step until your masterpiece is complete. Classes last around two hours and there is a bar at each venue to enjoy a tipple whilst you paint.

Classes last around two hours and begin at 6pm. £20 per person.

See below the list of 2024 dates:

Low Fell Classes 2024

Turtle              Monday 29 January

Sheep             Monday 26 February

Peonies          Monday 25 March

Lobster          Monday 29 April

Magpie           Monday 20 May

Piglet              Monday 24 June

Chicken          Monday 29 July

Puffin             Monday 19 August

Toadstool      Monday 30 September

Mouse            Monday 28 October

Polar bear    Monday 25 Nov

Ponteland Classes 2024

Turtle               Wednesday 31 January

Sheep              Wednesday 28 February

Peonies           Wednesday 27 March

Lobster           Wednesday 24 April

Magpie            Wednesday 29 May

Piglet               Wednesday 26 June

Chicken           Wednesday 31 July

Puffin              Wednesday 28 August

Toadstool        Wednesday 25 September

Mouse             Wednesday 30 October

Polar bear      Wednesday 27 Nov          


Book Your Space

Classes are very popular, so please book ahead to ensure your space. 

Class starts at 6pm

Low Fell Classes: Carlton Club, 11 Belle Due Bank, NE9 6BQ

Ponteland Classes: Ponteland Social Club, 30 Merton Road, NE20 9PY

Text 07494570668 to book your space

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